How our ideas, innovations and products help our clients support the environment, reduce waste, deliver for their customers – and stay safe.


Better homes and infrastructure

We enable faster, safer, healthier and stronger construction to meet the developing needs of new homes and the transport links to serve them.

Success stories: A collaborative approach to product upgrade

Longer lasting, more economic buildings

Our products enhance the durability of construction projects, increasing lifespan, improving reliability and lowering maintenance costs.

Success stories: Keeping campus roofs cooler, quieter and less corrosive

Greener cities and quieter lives

Our green roofs bring nature closer, and help control flood water. Our soundproofing products reduce noise in homes, offices, hotels and hospitals.

Success stories: A green roof for new york city’s biggest convention venue

Cleaner air and water

Fresher air in homes and vehicles, and more efficient treatment of industrial waste are all made easier by our filtration products.

Success stories: A breath of fresh air for tunnel expansion


Reducing carbon footprint

The lightness of our geosynthetic textiles reduces the environmental impact of transport and installation, and aids climate-friendly construction.

Success stories: How to protect mines from erosion and flooding

Wellbeing and a higher quality of life

You’ll see us in products that provide beautiful, aesthetic solutions, keep the sun at bay, noise under control, property secure and privacy ensured.

Success stories: How to reduce timeouts when fields flood

Protecting food in transit

Our truck tarpaulins contribute to the safe delivery of food and other products, to their eventual destinations, and to the plates of millions across the world.

Success stories: Saving tonnes with truck tarpaulin

Reduction, recycling and reuse of materials

From techniques that reduce the loss of materials when cutting, to fabrics that resist stain and damage, we help reduce waste, save resources and lower environmental impact.

Success stories: How to repair flood levees in weak soil, in record time