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Making concrete stronger, safer, last longer and do more…reducing the need for steel.

Tiny in size yet dramatic in effect, Adfil synthetic fibres transform the durability and performance of concrete. Added to the mix they reduce shrinkage and cracking, resist the elements, deliver a smoother surface, and even slow the explosive spalling of concrete in tunnels. Better yet, they do all this while removing the need for heavy and eco-unfriendly steel mesh.

Adfil fibres have been adopted by the construction industry in more than 60 countries for their ability to accelerate project completion, keep sites safer and reduce carbon footprint. Each Adfil product has been developed to fulfil a particular construction need.



Reinforcing concrete floors with Adfil macro and micro synthetic fibres strengthens their mechanical properties, improves impact resistance – important while construction work is still going on – and reduces plastic shrinkage and settlement cracks.

Precast concrete

Precast concrete

Precasting enables concrete to be enormously versatile as a building material, and the addition of Adfil synthetic fibres enhances its performance even further. Manufacture is safer and more efficient when there’s no need for labour intensive steel reinforcement, and the increased impact resistance reduces the risk of damage during transport.


When shotcrete is sprayed against a surface, up to 40% of it can rebound, disturbing the mix of small to coarse particles important for a consistent finish. When Adfil synthetic fibres are added to shotcrete, rebound falls, consistency is improved, cracking reduced and lifespan is increased.

Adfil Success Stories

Helping our customers deliver amazing results on projects that improve our quality of life…while driving business growth.

How to avoid corrosion in concrete pavements

How to avoid corrosion in concrete pavements

Our polypropylene macro and micro fibres helped food waste recycling leader Biogen avoid corrosion in concrete pavements at its biogas plants.


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