Saving tonnes with truck tarpaulin


Our tarpaulin fabric helps Europe’s biggest trailer builders make lighter trucks that are faster to load, saving time and money.


million trucks on
European roads


of all trucks with tarpaulins have MEHGIES® tarpaulin

Heavy trucking

In 2015, around 13 million trucks used European roads. Our customers – Schleswiger Tauwerkfabrik Oellerking, m+h textil systems, and Fabri Planen – wanted a tarpaulin to help trailer builders make lighter trucks that take less time to load and unload.

An enlightening approach

Our MEHGIES® POLYMAR® truck tarpaulin fabric helps make trucks tonnes lighter, compared to other trailer constructions. This saves fuel and operation costs, and means more freight can be loaded onto the truck. Our tarpaulin also provides more flexibility for loading and unloading, as the truck can be opened at the back and side.


Schleswiger Tauwerkfabrik Oellerking
m+h textil systems
Fabri Planen


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MEHGIES® POLYMAR® truck tarpaulin fabric

On the road to better truck trailers

Our customers can now supply lightweight tarpaulin to Europe’s biggest trailer builders: Schmitz Cargobull, Krone, Schwarzmüller, and Kögel. In fact, every third truck in Europe fitted with a tarpaulin trailer has a MEHGIES® tarpaulin. And we keep on trucking, continually improving our tarpaulins to make them even safer, stronger and more durable.