Lighting the way to better building signage and safety


Our Colback proprietary nonwoven fabric helped carpet manufacturer Desso, a Tarkett company, and Philips Lighting create smart flooring. The material transmits LED signage to welcome and guide people through a building – all controlled using an app or building management system.

A call for better building signage

There’s a growing demand for new approaches to building signage and safety. To meet this need, Desso and Philips decided to create a ‘smart carpet and lighting solution’ that used new technologies to improve orientation as well as safety.

Safe and stylish smart carpets

Already a partner of Desso, we were asked to help creatings Luminous Carpets. The durable flooring makes it easier and safer for people to move through a building. It uses our versatile Colback fabric to transmit the LED light across the carpet and display different signs and messages. The result is durable, stylish flooring that fits seamlessly into the building design – and can display the customer’s brand.

Luminous Carpets is easily installed into the floor, and connects to the electrical and IT infrastructure. Simply use the existing building management system to run pre-programmed light displays – or change the lights with an app.

Illuminating the future of building signage

Since Colback could be tailored to Desso’s unique specifications, it was the clear choice to illuminate their idea. The technical fabric is sturdy, so there’s less chance of tearing and fraying, especially on the carpet edges. Luminous Carpets has since been showcased around the world, including at the prestigious Venice Biennale international architecture exhibition.



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