Inspiring designers through technical textile


A group of product designers, graphic designers and architects created a diverse range of designs and products based on our technical textile, Colback.





Design freedom

in4nite is a project combining ideas and creativity of product designers, graphic designers and architects with the technical expertise of Low & Bonar. The designers use their expertise for creating a variety of fascinating designs and products based on the technical textile, Colback, supported by the expertise of Low & Bonar.

in4nite enables Low & Bonar to provide relevant design solutions extrapolating the aesthetical and functional properties of the Colback Technology.

in4nite is the collaboration between the company Low & Bonar and 10 designers, including Atelier Rick Tegelaar, Charley Reijnders, Dana Dijkgraaf Design, Klaas Kuiten, Kraft Architecten, Mieke van den Hout, Robbin Baas, Studio Erik Stehmann, Studio Joris de Groot and Tijn van Orsouw


A different view

Looking at Colback through the designers’ eyes, we discovered much more about the aesthetic and functional properties of the material. Through lateral thinking, the in4nite project has opened up a wealth of opportunities for applying the textile when developing new products.




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Colback® spunbond nonwovens

From lighting to gardening

The designers’ ideas for new ways to use Colback included acoustic panels, lampshades and furniture. One designer’s experiments with turning the two-dimensional fabric into a 3D product led him to develop a series of folding patterns into a strong yet lightweight tube. Another used layers of Colback to create a vertical garden, inspired by the Centre Pompidou in Paris. All these designs, and more, were extremely well received at Dutch Design Week , and we’re looking forward to helping the designers with their further development.