How to revive an ageing Olympic roof


Our membranes helped breathe new life into Munich’s old Olympic swimming pool roof.

8,250 M2

roof space


year-old ceiling needed renovating

An ageing icon

Thirty years on, the Munich Olympic swimming pool was showing its age. After decades of continued use, the inner roof was showing signs of damage. And the materials, while revolutionary in the ‘70s, were fatigued. High humidity coming from the pool also caused dampness in the inner insulation and ceiling membrane. All these factors eroded the inner roof’s strength and support.

To combat these problems, German company Covertex GmbH was charged with redeveloping the inner ceiling. It needed a tough material that could withstand the damp climate, and flex to the swimming hall’s unusual shape. Due to the poor conditions, Covertex had to work quickly. Also, the pool operator wanted the swimming hall to stay open as long as possible during the renovation.

Lapping the rest

It was clear that only a PVC-coated material was suitable for the membrane –especially since the inner roof was being installed in winter. Covertex chose two MEHGIES® VALMEX® products: FR 900 Mehatop F and 1400 Mehatop F. These flexible membranes were ideal for the swimming hall’s iconic geometric shape.


Munich, Germany


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Race to renovate

We quickly produced the materials, which were pre-processed before being delivered to the building ground. Covertex was able to keep the pool open while processing the membrane for the 8,250m2 inner roof space, and had to close it for just three weeks during the erection of the membrane.