How to reduce timeouts when fields flood


Our drainage system helped a high school district keep athletic fields open for play year-round – even after heavy flooding.


Timeout for natural turf

In California’s Santa Clarita Valley, torrential rains flood popular athletic fields, calling off play. Added to this, the cost to maintain, fertilise and re-seed grass fields can run to as much as $300,000 a year. To reduce maintenance costs and timeouts, Hart Union School District in Santa Clarita decided to switch to synthetic turf with a superior drainage system. And with high demand for the fields, it had just four months to complete the project.

Draining away hurdles

After comparing products from many manufacturers, the school district board chose our Enkaturf Drain for the subsurface drainage. Installed directly onto the sub-grade beneath the stone base, it doesn’t need trenching. Delivered in 100-foot rolls that weigh under 10kg, the lightweight material has a non-crushable core and can withstand up to 30,000 psf (pounds per square foot) without damage. Better still, the water reaches the drainage system faster, so the base is less likely to consolidate – and the entire system stays intact, far beyond the life of the turf.


Santa Clarita, CA, USA


Hart Union School District


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Enkaturf Drain

back on track

The drainage system was installed in under a day (compared to three to four days for a perforated pipe system), which helped the board make significant costs savings, and stay on schedule. Santa Clarita’s high school athletic teams and youth sports leagues could then return to play – with fewer timeouts.