How to protect mines from erosion and flooding


Our flexible, UV-resistant concrete mats help protect a Western Australian iron ore mine against erosion during floods.

94,000 M2

of Enka-Flex


less CO2 exhaust

A rising challenge

Roy Hill is a 55 million tonne per annum (Mtpa) iron ore mining, rail and port project in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. The dikes, which guard the mine against flooding, needed to be strengthened against erosion and scour. This was done using a traditional method of rock revetment with a non-woven filter. But it was costly to transport expensive rock to the remote location. Roy Hill Holdings sought a durable, affordable alternative – with an 85-year lifespan under marine conditions.

The concrete cure

We developed a new UV-resistant woven fabric that stays strong for up to 100 years. Our Enka-Flex concrete mats are connected to concrete blocks with loops, combining ballast and filtration in one product. This works as an erosion control system, protecting the mine dikes from flooding. We sent 94,000m² of Enka-Flex panels to the mine site.


Roy Hill Holdings


Pilbara region, Austrailia


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Enka-Flex panels

Savings all round

Because Enka-Flex is an all-in-one system, it was quick and easy to install. It also cost less than traditional rock revetment – and used 40% less CO2 exhaust to install.