How to keep rain off a football training pitch


Our robust membrane was used to cover the training pitch of a great football club in Amsterdam, keeping it dry on-season and off.

14,000 m2

membrane cover


days of rain a year in Amsterdam

Rainy training days

On average, Amsterdam has 234 days of rain a year and is an average chilly 9°C. So when an Amsterdam football club planned to build a new training facility, it asked Poly-Ned to find a durable, weather-resistant material to cover the pitch. And it had to find one fast, without disrupting team training.

Domed approach

Poly-Ned created an air dome to cover the entire pitch. To ensure the dome could withstand high winds, it chose our robust MEHGIES® VALMEX® Tent membrane, covering it with a steel cable construction anchored to the ground.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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MEHGIES® VALMEX® Tent membrane

Membrane kicks goals

Since the membrane cover can be used without a support structure underneath it, the football pitch area wasn’t compromised. Also, the translucent material means little light is lost. And because our membrane doesn’t need grinding, Poly-Ned was able to build the cover quickly and easily – without affecting training.