A proven solution for controlling erosion from the banks of waterways


Our protective mats help the Dutch stop erosion from waterways. They flex to the shape of the soil and let the vegetation grow through, resulting in permanent, low-maintenance protection and a natural appearance.

Eroding banks

In the Netherlands, where much of the land is low-lying, water management has always been a top priority. Protecting the banks of inland waterways from erosion is one of the ways the Dutch keep water under control.

To cope with expected increased water flow, the water authority, Hollandse Delta, decided to widen the De Dalle waterway and make the embankments less steep. This involved replacing the existing erosion protection. The complication was that the De Dalle flows through a peaty area, where erosion control is difficult, as peat erodes easily and then settles unevenly.

Protecting essential waterway

Hollandse Delta chose our mats, Enkamat A20, to provide erosion protection along 15km of the De Dalle's banks. Enkamat A20 is well known in the Dutch market, having been used in many recent projects. It's a flexible, 3D structured mat that stays in contact with peat however it settles. The mat is filled with bitumen-bound chippings, with gaps allowing vegetation to grow through and gain a foothold.


Hollandse Delta


De Dalle waterway, The Netherlands


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Enkamat A20

Permanent protection, natural appeal

Enkamat A20 combines the inherent erosion protection of the mat with the protecting qualities of the vegetation - important advantages when compared to traditional timber structures. In this way, Enkamat A20 offers low-maintenance, permanent protection, but also allows the banks to retain their natural appearance.