A green upgrade for the Empire State Building


Our green roof system helped beautify New York’s Empire State Building, while saving energy and adding value.


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Sights set on saving energy

Once the world’s tallest building, the Empire State Building soars 443m above Manhattan.

Xeroflor embarked on a USD$550 million ‘green’ retrofit in partnership with Clinton Climate Initiative, Rocky Mountain Institute, Johnson Controls and Jones Lang LaSalle. The goal was to reduce the iconic building’s energy use by 38%, and secure an EnergyStar rating and US Green Building Council LEED-EB Gold certification.

Taking green roofs to new heights

Our lightweight Xeroflor green roof system was installed on the 21st, 25th and 30th floors. As well as enhancing green space, it reduces air conditioning and storm-water runoff, and improves property value.

For the 25th floor roof, which gets little direct sunlight, we used a system that weighs just 20 kg/m2 when dry and 40 kg/m2 when saturated.

And for the inaccessible 30th floor roof, we used our XF301 pre-vegetated sedum mat with 19mm of XeroTerr®, medium, which is resilient and low-maintenance. All the heat and drought-tolerant plants in the mats were grown at local, independently owned farms.


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Xeroflor Green Roof System

Energy saved, building beautified

The Empire State Building scored an EnergyStar rating of 80, placing it in the top 20% of energy efficient buildings in the United States.

Tenants can also now enjoy city views from the green rooftop patios – all part of the owner’s vision to create a healthy, productive workspace for top talent.