A creative approach to screening a building renovation


Our printed screens helped shield the iconic Bayreuth Festival Hall during renovations, without changing the façade.

1800 M2

of printed screen

1 year


A view to improve

The historic Bayreuth Festival Hall in Germany was ripe for renovation. Contractor POS Hauptmannl needed to find a way to cover the iconic tourist attraction, without compromising the famed façade. The fabric would need to work as a blind, and prevent parts falling during construction. Given the vast surface the screen needed to cover, it also had to be cost-effective and quick to install.

Safe and strong

An image of the building façade was printed onto 1800m2 of VALMEX® Frontlit I FR 7510. The mesh material reduces wind, and is light yet strong enough to keep the worksite safe from falling parts.


Bayreuth, Germany


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VALMEX® Frontlit I FR 7510

Fresh façade

The printed fabric allowed POS Hauptmannl to finish the refurbishment without changing the façade. And passers-by could still enjoy an unobstructed view of the iconic Bayreuth Festival Hall.