A clean approach to storing waste


Our membranes help a biogas leader supply its global customers with clean energy systems – so they can lower their costs and environmental impact.


of energy produced by one biogas system in a year


biogas plants installed in Europe

Withstanding waste

Ecomembrane Srl relies on robust, reliable materials to make its leading biogas storage systems. Farmers and industries around the world use the plants to mix and ferment waste, creating clean biological gas – which can then be used to generate electricity. Ecomembrane Srl needed a new membrane material that was flexible for different gas levels to avoid leaks, and could withstand corrosive waste and droppings.

Clean energy on demand

Our membranes were the ideal choice for Ecomembrane Srl’s biogas plants and storage systems. The material met all the project specifications, and was used to produce systems of different shapes and sizes. As Ecomembrane Srl started specialising in biogas plants, we needed to meet a higher demand much faster than before.


Ecomembrane Srl


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Above and beyond the standard

The project highlighted new, sustainable ways to generate power from natural sources. We continue to collaborate with customers, like Ecomembrane Srl, to make our lacquer systems even better. We do this by working with their specific fermenter mixtures, since different mixtures affect the material in different ways. In this way, we go beyond the KIWA standard our materials are certified for.