The unique new 2-in-1 Field Drainage & Shockpad Solution!

Enka®Flex by Enka®Solutions

What is the best shockapad & drainage solution for your Field?


Enka®Flex Pad for Artificial Turf Sports Fields
Shockpad & Drainage function combined into one high-performance product

The EnkaFlex shockpad was developed to be firm, with significant energy restitution and natural play feel. It additionally performs the double duty of full-field drainage for artificial fields so you never have to worry about heavy rainfall or ponding. Comprised of a flexible 3D core with filter fabric thermally bonded on one or both sides, the EnkaFlex is engineered for use under sand/rubber-filled artificial turf. It may also be used on a dynamic base and with any type of tufted artificial turf for a  variety of sports including hockey, soccer, rugby & football!

Benefits of using the EnkaFlex Underlay 2-in-1 system:

Reduces installation time

  • Roll length matches field dimensions
  • Lightweight, therefore easy to handle

High flow drainage capacity; Air gap provides insulation function

  • Prevents pooling effect and saturated turf
  • No issues due to frost or thaw
  • Minimizes play downtime

Firm, low GMAX

  • Decompacts infill properly to avoid settling and plate formation
  • Natural Play feel

Re-usable for a minimum of two installations


Technical Properties:

  • Engineered polymeric materials

Polyolefine 3D core for superior compressional and dimensional stability

Polyamide 3D monofilament core for high resiliency

  • Available in 10 & 15 mm thickness
  • Roll length customized to match field dimensions, roll width 95cm
  • Non-deformable filter fabrics ensure long term drainage performance
  • One side impermeable layer optional for fields where water infiltration should be prevented
  • Suitable for use under any type of tufted turf sportsfield
  • On engineered or dynamic sub base
  • Fifa Quality & Quality Pro Approved
  • FIH Approved

Application areas: 

  • All artificial turf sports fields
  • Hockey, Soccer, American Football
  • Turf Pitches, grounds, fields
  • Recreation fields & playgrounds
  • FIFA Certified (Quality & Quality Pro Standard) grounds & fields
  • FIH Approved hockey field systems


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