Lab opens to test filtration materials that combat air pollution

April 24, 2017

Filter manufacturers and OEMs can prototype and test air filter support media at the Arnhem filtration laboratory.


London, 24 April 2017: A test lab aimed at developing new and enhanced filtration solutions to meet the increased demands for cleaner industrial and automotive air opened today in Arnhem, Netherlands.

Performance materials company Low & Bonar intends to escalate the rate at which proprietary technology is turned into market-adopted filtration applications at the new Arnhem Centre of Expertise.

Working directly with the customers of its premium brand BonarPure, the lab will incubate and test ideas based on market insights, creating and implementing prototype solutions that will enable buyers to increase speed to market with products that are fit for purpose and scale globally.

With filtration markets growing at a rate of 7% annually, customer-driven developments are seeing a sharp increase.

Brett Simpson, CEO commented: “Our goal is to partner with our customers, identify their unmet needs and develop a better quality, personalised solution that improves the performance of their end products.

Our customers face evolving challenges, from population increases to the growing scarcity of resources such as clean air and water. With their input and feedback, we hope to get results that make a positive impact on the quality of life of those living with and using products containing our materials.”

A range of attributes based on Colback® technology will be tested including filtration efficiency, air permeability, pressure drop and conditioning. In addition, the lab’s new scanning electron microscope will enable better understanding of the strengths and synergies between Low & Bonar’s set of technologies. Initial results show that Colback-based media has a lower pressure drop at comparable efficiencies to meet industry standards, and provides manufacturers with extra space in cost-conscious product design.




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