Colcore ® Sonic designed to revolutionize the acoustic underlay for flooring

Strong - Silent - Lightweight - Easy to install

Vinyl click floors, also known as LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles), are enjoying growing popularity due to their great aesthetics, durability & ease of installation. To create long-term visually and acoustically pleasant spaces, vinyl click floors require proper subfloor leveling as well as the right underlay.

Colcore Sonic offers a solution to both the challenges. It is the first underlay system to provide excellent leveling capacity and reliable soundproofing in one easy-to-install product. Its revolutionary compressive strength, acoustic performance and low weight combined to make this product unique!

Colcore Sonic underlay installation under LVT          Colcore Sonic Roll Acoustic Underlay          Colcore Sonic LVT installed

Typical Areas of Use

  • Vinyl click floors / LVT
  • Flexible vinyl flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Ceramic flooring
  • Soft flooring

Colcore Sonic Key Highlights & Properties

  • Multifunctional panel on a roll
  • Outstanding leveling characteristics
  • Excellent soundproofing
  • Lightweight and thin
  • High compressive strength
  • Simple to handle, transport and store
  • Easy and quick install


An Innovative multi-functional underlay system on a roll

Colcore Sonic is an acoustic underlay that is developed in close collaboration with leading LVT suppliers and professional flooring installers.


Suitable for internal floating floors in new-build and refurbishment projects Colcore is an innovative compression-proof, yet lightweight flooring underlay system. It comes on rolls which are fast to install and easy to handle.


The thin (appr. 5.3mm) and compressive resistant underlay has been designed to be applied under vinyl click floors but may also be used in combination with other types of soft and hard flooring.




An Innovative multi-functional underlay system on a roll
Superior compressive strength and excellent leveling capacity

Superior compressive strength and excellent leveling capacity

Even with the latest generation of leveling compounds, preparing subfloors prior to the installation of vinyl or LVT is time-consuming. With Colcore it's easy!


Unrolling, cutting and positioning this high-performance underlay system is all it takes to smoothen out uneven surfaces in minutes rather than days- convenient, clean and time saving.


The compressive strength of Colcore significantly exceeds that of heavy underlay panels and acoustic boards. As such, the product reliably prevents indentation even when the floor is under heavy(dynamic) use.


Colcore Sonic has successfully passed the castor chair test, proving the system's resistance to wear (no damage visible in the top floor layer after 25,000 cycles).



Ultimate soundproofing performance

In addition to its superior installation features, Colcore Sonic delivers excellent soundproofing performance as well.


Testing at independent laboratories specialized in acoustics and building physics has shown that Colcore reduces impact sound by as much as 20 dB(ΔLw).


In addition, the underlay system absorbs airborne and walking noise, thus significantly enhancing the room conditions.


This allows for vinyl click floors to be installed in commercial and residential buildings alike, meeting and exceeding the expectations of installers, project owners and users. 




Ultimate soundproofing performance


Installation of Colcore Sonic

Laying Colcore Sonic is quick and easy. To install a high quality vinyl click floor or LVT with Colcore Sonic underneath:

  • Clean the subfloor (Note: Thanks to the effective leveling of Colcore Sonic, small debris does not necessarily need to be removed. But it is advisable to sweep the floor with a broom prior to installation.)
  • Lay Colcore Sonic with the black side facing down and the white side facing up. It is easy to cut the materials with a hand-held Stanley knife.
  • Lay the rigid top floor product, like LVT floorboards, in crosswise direction i.e. perpendicular to the Colcore Sonic


Note: While using Colcore Sonic, please consider the following:

  • While cutting Colcore Sonic, please ensure that required safety measures are put in place for yourself and for others.
  • As long as Colcore Sonic is not covered by the top flooring (e.g. LVT), the subfloor system is susceptible to mechanical damage. High pressure loads, impact from falling tools or similar stresses are to be avoided.
  • Gluing is not required and may adversely affect the performance of the underlay system.




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Technical Data


Levelling Performance (PC) 4.4 mm
Compressive Strength up to 750 kPa
Impact Sound Insulation

20 dB (ΔLw

10 dB (ΔLlin)

Radiated Walking Sound  56.4 sone
Airborne Footstep Sound Insulation 57 dB
Suitable For Floor Heating YES
Thermal Insulation 0.1 m²K/W


Width 1 m
Length 15 m
Thickness 5.3 mm
Weight 667 g/m²
Roll Weight 10 kg



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