The 8th Filtration and Separation Asia 2020 (FSA2020) was successfully held in Shanghai during December 9-11. We brought our Filtration portfolio including Colback nonwoven filter media and EnkaPack for industrial filtering processes. Our team looks back on a rewarding event.


Endless Possibilities in Filtration

Low & Bonar appeared on the tradeshow with its Endless Possibilities in Filtration. Thanks to a unique technology, Colback spunlaid nonwoven is known for its versatility, suiting the Filtration business very well.

As carrier for filters, Colback nonwoven delivers sharp and stable pleats with low contribution to pressure drop. The bi-component technology also allows additional features, e.g. extrusion dyed coloration, fire retardants and anti-bacterial performance. Colback Plus, which features Colback with a built-in fine fiber filtration layer, is a self pleatable filter media with no glue or VOCs.

Besides Colback nonwoven fabrics, EnkaPack was also displayed on the booth. EnkaPack is a compression resistant 3D mat with 95% open voids which can be applied as high performance synthetic packing media for purification processes. Samples were showcased as well as the key visuals on backdrop


Colback 50-year Celebration

Particularly worth mentioning is that Colback is 50 years of age in 2020, manufactured since 1970. A 50-year logo showed the nonwoven pattern as the background and an infinite symbol forming the number of 50, representing the endless possibilities of Colback nonwovens.


Big Moments

Celine Ma, Senior Sales Manager Industry for Low & Bonar in China, delivered a technical speech onsite on the first day. She introduced the possibilities in filtration of both Colback and Enka products, and especially spoke about Colback nonwoven including a flame retardant function which will be launched in 2021.

On December 10th, the second day of the tradeshow, a strategic cooperation was reached between Low & Bonar and Shenzhen Jingneng New Material Co., Ltd, a part of Shenzhen Jingwaijia Group which is one of the leading filter manufactures in China. With the agreement both companies express their dedication to drive sustainable development of the Chinese filtration together.

The signing ceremony was witnessed by Bettina Schoen-Behanzin, Regional Representative Asia for the Freudenberg Group. Low & Bonar is part of Freudenberg Performance Materials, since May 2020.

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Whats happening at the 8th Filtration and Separation Asia Exhibition?

Advanced nonwoven technology for air & liquid filtration pleat supports for activated carbon & meltblown filter media | Exciting quiz event & more!

+ Sharp & stable pleats

+ High efficiency pleatable filter media built on Colback® technology

+ Easy to bond and process

Customizable with colors and fire retardant additives

Colback® Plus high-efficiency pleatable filter media by Colback®Solutions 

Colback Plus is a pleatable medium with a built-in filtration capacity layer for use as a carrier in the manufacturing of cabin air, room air and HVAC filters. In Colback Plus, the well-known performance characteristics of Colback nonwovens support media – ensuring low pressure drop and high pleat stiffness – are combined with a unique fine fiber technology leading to a unique filtration product with outstanding performance characteristics, creating new capabilities for manufacturing and added value to customers.

+ 100% continuous polyolefin fibers on full polyester support

+ No fiber shedding

+ High tear strength

+ No glue, no chemical binders, no contribution to VOCs

+ Hydrophobic, moisture resistant

+ High efficiency, long shelf life


Fibrous 3D mats for air-liquid separation by Enka®Solutions



Meet us at FSA 2020


Filtration & Separation Asia 2020 was organized between December 9-11, 2020 in Hall N1 of Shanghai New International Expo Center.

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