Working for Low & Bonar

At Low & Bonar we value the diversity of experiences of our people. We look for resourceful individuals who will bring ideas and initiative to contribute to the growth of our Company.

A career at Low & Bonar

Growing a market-leading business, where many of our products are leaders in their field, is both challenging and fulfilling. Key to this success are our people.

To consistently lead our markets, we need to excel in all management disciplines. Working for Low & Bonar will test your abilities, enable a diversity of experience and attitude, and provide great career development opportunities.

We value the diversity of experiences of our people, actively seeking resourceful individuals who will bring ideas and initiative as a contribution to the growth of our Company. The Low & Bonar team has a passion for business, the ability to adapt to different ways of working and an enthusiasm for change.

These are essential qualities in a dynamically transforming, entrepreneurial company, where our managers are given the freedom to make decisions and the support needed to create and develop market-leading and customer centred global businesses.

Low & Bonar people understand their achievements will be recognised. We believe that extending people’s skills is vital for sustaining and accelerating our progress and building management strength. We don’t only adopt more classical training programmes: we also encourage our people to learn all the time – at work, from others and to benefit from the diversity of experience and attitude. Our strategy is to develop and promote talented people.

Leading, or participating in cross-functional, ad hoc projects is one way we encourage an entrepreneurial spirit. This approach develops cultural awareness and problem solving techniques, building strength in depth across the whole organisation. It also offers our employees the opportunity to build international experience.

Local decision making is at the heart of the Low & Bonar corporate culture and the people who run our operating companies enjoy considerable autonomy.

If you decide that a career within Low & Bonar is right for you, and you want to help us build a successful future, we look forward to hearing from you.

If you are interested in working for a Low & Bonar business, please contact us.